The definitive retail monitoring service for books

OpenBook is designed to provide monthly point-of-sale data with the highest possible degree of accuracy and integrity. Functioning as a central clearing house for book industry data, OpenBook enables publishers, distributors and retailers to access comprehensive reports from a wide variety of perspectives.

OpenBook is the only continuous sales monitoring service for Chinese books. She measures consumer sales through more than 3000 main retailers in big & medium cities, covering almost all titles on sale and all publishers in Chinese book market. With integrating and analyzing the data submitted by participating retailers, OpenBook provides different book retail market reports for publishers, distributors, retailers and others in book industry. The reports provide reference of title development for editors, issuance for distributors, stock for retailers, and help them competing in a more positive position.

In addition to track book sales of book retail market by making multiform surveys and researches, OpenBook is engaging in exploring the rule and forecasting the future for Chinese book market. At present, OpenBook offers reports and service for more than 500 publishers and 3000 retailers, which covers the most influential and active ones of China book market. Also, OpenBook provides critical analysis and authoritative bestseller charts for media, such as China Press and Publishing Journal,China Publishing Today, China Publishers magazine, China Book Review, etc.